Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Time to PRETEND!!

WHAT AN AMAZING CITY!!! Pretend City is a place where Imagination and Education come to Play! Your kiddos are going to love everything about Pretend City.
Pretend City Children's Museum is an interconnected city designed for children ranging from infant to eight years old and their families. The city is comprised of a grocery store, farm, doctor's offices,bank, library, ATM Machines, art studio, amphitheater, beach, marina, construction site, cafe and much much more. Children will learn through role-play based on real world exhibits as they dress up as a police officer, deliver the mail, create art or put out a fire. They also pretend they go to work and punch time cards and get paid!! It is FABULOUS!
What I love about the museum is that all of the exhibits are connected and every exhibit is hands on. Pretend City is a unique museum and I have seen nothing quite like it. Your kids are going to love it! I can't rave about this place enough! I can guarantee that your kiddos will have an incredible time at Pretend City. For additional information head over there! I hope you can all go out and enjoy this amazing place with your family. WARNING: ADULTS cannot get in to play unless accompanied by a child!! This is a MUST DO! (and a huge benefit to living in the Los Angeles area!)

Pretend City
29 Hubble
Irvine, CA 92618 (45 minutes from LA)
Infant to 12 months $2
Child $10
Adult $10
Military and Family Members $8
Monday 10am -1pm
Tue-Sun 10am -5pm

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