Saturday, November 17, 2012



(sung to the tune of ICE, ICE BABY)
Yo Yall Taste this one time! 
Yo VIP lets kick it! 

Cheesecake Baby! 
Come get this cheese cake baby! 

OK STOP, Check out this great temptation
Rob is back with a HARRIET'S creation
The Praline, grabs a hold of me tightly
Fork in my hand, daily and nightly

Will it ever STOP? Yo, I don't know 
Sweet Potato pie in my bag TO GO! 
To the extreme, they Rock a Cake like a vandal
Light up my face; wax a slice like a candle

Love it and Eat it, you order your way 
But you better have cash, cause the staff don't play
If there is a problem, yo, confirmation will solve it
Check out the plate as I lick and revolve it!

Yo, man, lets get out of here
Word to your mother

Cheesecake Baby
Go Get This Cheesecake Baby!!

It happened one day, when the Archangel Terri, who governs all things FOOD NETWORK, appeared to me and whispered the PRAISES of HARRIET'S CHEESECAKE in my ear. She said, "GO! There is MANNA from HEAVEN prepared for you, but first, YOU MUST escape the 10 Plague-like alternative dessert suggestions of your other friends, brave fierce traffic among many heathens on the 10-E from Alhambra, and take a 40 minute urban wilderness trek into "Inglewatts!" There, at 1515 LaCienega, you will find a land flowing with cheesecake and honey!" 

Let me just say, I am Not a Fan of Cheesecake, but after one bite........ I was CONVERTED!!!

"Verily, verily I say to you, get thee quickly into thine car and partake of this heavenly goodness! Whosoever, does not obey the word of this testimony, shall remain in utter darkness" 
1Robbie 11:16-17 

(why can't communion taste like this?) 


Here's the low down: 
There are 60 different varieties of cheesecake available. About 16 on any given day. Some may not be available in "slice" form, but with 24 hours notice you can order the whole cake.

(with crunchy pecans, drizzled caramel, and buttery graham cracker crust that's so ridiculously delish, 
I almost ordered "it"... as a side)
 SWEET POTATO (SHUT'CHO MOUTH!  light and airy and subdued) (not overly sweet!)
 BANANA PUDDING (Yup! with Vanilla Wafers separating the layers! SAY WHAT?!)
Kahlua Chocolate, Chocolate Creme de Menthe!, Black Forrest, and Grand Marnier! (Hello?!)

On the weekends they give samples so ASK FOR SOME!
A whole cheesecake 8" is $25.50 and 10" is $34 Individual slice is $6.50

"Harriet's, makers of angelic desserts in the likeness of cheesecake; May God Bless you to be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over every other cheesecake that man eateth upon the earth!"
1Robbie 11:18

Quick TIPS:
This is a not so pretty TAKE OUT joint! 
Park on the Street! Parking lot is hecka small. 
Get there early in the day, as they run out of certain flavors. Once it's gone, IT'S GONE!

Monday, July 4, 2011


My feet were de-virginized at SUNSET FOOT SPA. Thanks to my sister, the Queen of all things

Feet happy = me happy.

I'm not really a massage kind of person, but my feet are constantly tired and sore. For all you foot spa virgins: Here's how the de-virginization went down...

We pull up to the joint. It's a small place with rows of leather chairs with white sheets on them. We sit, roll up our pants legs, tuck our shoes and socks away, and wait for the *magic* to begin.

The standard drill is that for the first half hour, you sit in on an ottoman facing one of those comfy recliner chairs with your feet in a bucket of hot water (sometimes herbal or salted, bucket usually lined with a plastic protective wrap) while you get pummeled shiatsu style all over your upper body, arms and neck (clothes remain on). Then, you turn around and lay back in the chair (which often reclines flat, and where you are usually covered up in a cozy blankie), and are treated to another few minutes of neck/head/arm shiatsu. Then, it's on to the foot reflexology with lotion and hot towels. MMMmmmmmm. This is when I fall asleep, BayBuh!! Smooth movements + pressure on the right spots = tension released.

The experience crescendos with a short leg massage, which was fantastic!

60 minutes later - we all open our eyes, stare at each other with a sheepish grin, and giggle like children. My feet felt like air, like pillows and clouds! ALL FOR a meeaaasely $25!!! No Lie!

Next time I'm going to bring my ipod with a special foot massage playlist!

************* ADVICE TO NEWBIES*************************************
For those who've never been to this world, here's the deal: Depending on the establishment, you'll pay between $20-25 for an hour of heaven and these places are generally open 7-days a week, often until 11 p.m.

Also important: tip (in cash, ideally) your therapist a minimum of $8 - even if you hate them. If they're just "OK", they merit at least $10. And if you love them, $15+. Remember that they work VERY HARD for VERY LITTLE.

PRESSURE: this may be payback for centuries of colonial oppression in south east asia, but the pressure can be downright cruel at times. Don't be afraid to make yelpy sounds with hand signals for "softer, softer!" since language barriers exist - unless your (mandarin/cantonese/insert regional dialect) is decent.

Clothing: it helps to wear long sleeves since the arm work can get a bit pinchy, and also shorts or pants that roll up easily so as to get a better lower leg rub. Think "loose comfy" wear.

Sunset Foot Spa (at 2 locations)
1st Choice: 
7125 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(323) 649-8888

5419 W Sunset Blvd Ste 3
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Neighborhood: Hollywood
(323) 898-4220

Time to Head to the BEACH!!


Words CANNOT describe the GASTRONOMIC ECSTASY I experienced this weekend at 26 BEACH!
After eating here I surmised that I just got bum-rushed by a "foodie-pimp" and would gladly pay $20 to this burger for its culinary services!


The interior is cute, in a *split personality* sort of way. You have your quaint, feminine garden patio area and then your cool, quasi mediterranean indoor dining area. I like both. They offer a nice big piece of paper and a cup of crayons for a mean game of hang-man and the like, which is always a fun time-killer when waiting for your food.

The burger menu was AHH-Mazing!! Extensive, varied, crazy (PB&J burger, anyone?), and really robust!! I've never read a gourmet burger menu as Artistic and Inventive as 26 Beach's... I haaaaad to give this place a try!

Along with two other foodies, we all ordered/split the...
Prosciutto Burger with prosciutto, brie, and sweet figs
(You can never go wrong with the mix of sweet and satly! Actually, you can never go wrong with anything that has prosciutto or brie either. Mmm.)

I ordered the PB&J burger. Yes, that is peanut butter and jelly on a hamburger. BLASPHEMY!!, I know. I almost wanted to kick my own butt for doing it. But the menu says it's the chef's favorite, and it was too intriguing to pass up.
The key to this burger's success, I believe, is in the large and perfectly cooked patty. Because it is crispy on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside, the drippy, gooey goodness that is spread on top does not seep into places it shouldn't, so each flavor and texture hits you exactly where it should. The peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth, you taste the savory patty on your tongue, and the strawberry jam brings a second wave of taste that enhances both.
Peanut butter and jelly on a burger. It works!!

California Roll Burger with snow crab salad, slices of avocado, sushi ginger, mixed greens, seaweed, and wasabi aioli.
Probably the most artistic burger on their menu, hence the most popular. The snow crab salad on the sliced avocados and sushi ginger topped with seaweed is BRILLIANT!, creating a really great tasting burger, but the wasabi aioli was toooo much. Everybite I had of this burger would be like WOW!--sushibugrer--AHHHH wasabi, which really killed it for me.

26 Beach really excelled and took the burger to "A wHOLe NuTHeR LeVeL!"

I was weak - and could only finish about 5/6 of it's deliciousness, it was the perfect size; not a little foofy quarter pound patty dressed up with dainty accoutrements that tastes nice. No, this was a Brontosaurus Burger, optimally sized for juiciness that left me uncomfortably full. The br-ioche bun was engineered to soak up all the juice, but wasn’t too bready. It reminded me of a steakhouse burger of yesteryear, where toppings were a compliment to a gorgeous patty, not the main event. But I could go on all day, so here’s the quick and dirty:

Good food, split personality decor, good service. What's not to love!?

I will return to tell you about the FRENCH TOAST!

26 Beach
3100 Washington Blvd
Venice CA
M-F 11-10p Sat 9-10 Sun 9-9p

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pho Siam? PHO SHO I AM!!

If someone asks "Are you going to PHO-SIAM?!" the correct response is...

No Noodles here....well except YOU! When you leave!!

I was stressed out and knotted up like a MUG! and Terri took me here one night at 10:30PM!!! Okaaay!!
For a "What the Heck Just Happened To Me, Am I In Heaven?"
$25 Massage!! This place is like a lovely oasis in the middle of Nowheresville!!
Gotta love L.A.

I love things that appear expensive but are REALLY dirt cheap. I also love wrestlers disguised as 90 pound 4 ft tall Thai ladies who pulverize my muscle fibers as though she's tenderizing meat for dinner.

If you want to get pummeled into pulp and show no mercy to your stress knots, this is the place to be. If you've tried your hand at yoga poses and you can barely manage to touch your toes, let the ladies of Pho Siam contort your body lovingly like a pretzel. If you haven't seen your chiropractor in centuries, no worries because these girls of questionable citizenship status will pull, prod, rub, karate chop, walk on you, knead, buff, wrap, steam, braise, or sous vide your semi-naked body! and have you sayin' Ahhhhhhh Authentic Thai! Bangkok in my Backyard!! ....Ohm Just Sayin'...

Now the difference between the Thai massage and a regular massage is that thai incorporates the whole body. Not only did she use her hands, but she used her arms, feet, elbows and knees. She balanced her weight on my body using the ropes that hung from the wooden ceiling beams... AND WALKED ON ME!! 2 words...wonderful toes! ok...2 more...VERY COOL!

When you enter your dimly lit, serene private room you'll don some cool MC Hammer-esque "one size fits all of America" scrub like pants. You'll be wrapped in towels for modesty sake and instructed to lie face-down on a comfy futon type mat--THEN IT IS ON, LIKE HOT BUTTERED POPCORN! Someone named Lucky, Jun, or Jai (my faves) come in and all they want to do is seek and destroy your muscles into submission.

Call me when you go! Nothing has ever "hurt so good!"

A few tips for new visitors:

WOW! Rates are "CASH ONLY" (ATM in lobby):
$25 for 1/2 hour $40 for hour $60 for 90 minutes!! Yes I said 90 MINUTES! STEAL! Open 9am-1030 pm!! Had a really bad day?.....Go before bed! You'll sleep like a Newborn!
Best to have an appt to get person you want and no waiting.(but not necessary)
*if your a Newb ask for Medium pressure!*

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Pssst..Yeah YOU... come closer....Listen, reader, and listen gotta Do ACCOMPLICE: Hollywood.

It's fun. It's interactive. It's exciting. It's mysterious. It's LA. It's a brilliant way to have people explore Hollywood, be engaged in an active story and be the star players in their own unique game. It's YOUR CHANCE to get out of your bubble and into a different skin!!! You get to be spies, heroes, suckers, and saviors all in a day!!! Imagine that!!

We weren't sure what to think about this, but would "Doogie" (aka NPH) steer us wrong? If you are looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon with friends or go on a cool/unique/UN-forgettable date, then the Accomplice is for you!! TRUST ME!

ACCOMPLICE forces you and your friends together in a combined mission to "Save Nikki" (who the heck is Nikki? sigh- Just SAVE HER ALREADY!!!---okay go to
You work creatively to solve hints and clues to get you going on your task, AND along the way you meet interesting people AND eat and drink at different, cool "i didn't know that was here" restaurants AND have RIDICULOUS fun!!

The weirdness and energy of Hollywood Blvd literally became part of the SHOW as you scramble around trying to solve the mystery. There are some brilliant improvisational actors thrown in the show, a great walk around old Hollywood that will bring you to some excellent locations, and several moments of genuine surprise!! Best of all, there are several moments where you will began to see scenes unfolding around you that aren't even in the show. Every passing person becomes a character in a film noir...that's wild.

I couldn't recommend this more, but it is a tough sell to some friends at $65 a ticket, who don't have that spontaneous/adventurous/wild/lets-do-something-other-than-a-movie side. Tell them to relax and let loose...and DO THEIR LIFE A FAVOR!!!

tips and pointers: Best to go at the 430p or 5pm show and re-visit one of the spots with your "crew" and hang some more. 2) wear comfy kicks! 3) Act a Fool! It's your SHOW! 4)take a camera!! 5) don't read too many reviews some Dummies include Spoilers! Geesh! why i oughta ....6) DO NOT BE ONE MINUTE LATE! 7) BUY YOUR TICKET NOW before you forget this AMAZING IDEA!!! *** $15 off all tickets! Use discount code 'BLACKJACK' when purchasing. Offer won't last! *** (or just get a gift certificate if you're undecided on a specific date and time!!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Time to PRETEND!!

WHAT AN AMAZING CITY!!! Pretend City is a place where Imagination and Education come to Play! Your kiddos are going to love everything about Pretend City.
Pretend City Children's Museum is an interconnected city designed for children ranging from infant to eight years old and their families. The city is comprised of a grocery store, farm, doctor's offices,bank, library, ATM Machines, art studio, amphitheater, beach, marina, construction site, cafe and much much more. Children will learn through role-play based on real world exhibits as they dress up as a police officer, deliver the mail, create art or put out a fire. They also pretend they go to work and punch time cards and get paid!! It is FABULOUS!
What I love about the museum is that all of the exhibits are connected and every exhibit is hands on. Pretend City is a unique museum and I have seen nothing quite like it. Your kids are going to love it! I can't rave about this place enough! I can guarantee that your kiddos will have an incredible time at Pretend City. For additional information head over there! I hope you can all go out and enjoy this amazing place with your family. WARNING: ADULTS cannot get in to play unless accompanied by a child!! This is a MUST DO! (and a huge benefit to living in the Los Angeles area!)

Pretend City
29 Hubble
Irvine, CA 92618 (45 minutes from LA)
Infant to 12 months $2
Child $10
Adult $10
Military and Family Members $8
Monday 10am -1pm
Tue-Sun 10am -5pm

Friday, February 26, 2010


My history with Pop Champagne and Desserts dates back to Summer '08. I endured months of the Pop carrot dangling in front of me, with teases of it opening in August, then September, then...December! Good gawd....what is the hold up??!! Then...One fine day it opened and we (my twin (Terri) and I) POPPED in (no pun intended...ok, well maybe) and it was JA'DORABLE!!

I do love myself some Pop. And for all you Midwesterners, this place does NOT--I repeat, does NOT--showcase soda.

Away from the crowds on Colorado, the place is absolutely gorgeous. It has that old brick, unfinished floor and ceiling kind of look that I adore. However, it's the shiny stuff that really catches your eye. All the different types of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling make you want to be a better person and I can't get enough of the beautiful display cases full of your grandma's old artifacts that they use as tables for the high-back crush red velvet booths. Oh and I expected the music playing to be some french/italian bistro kind of music, but it was actually LIVE music,and not that top 40's garbage blaring out of the loudspeakers.

This is not a family restaurant as the name may suggest, rather it is a Champagne Bar as its corks announce. I think that it's the first true Champagne Bar in the area, am I wrong? Of course wine bars have been "popping" up like town hall meetings around these parts for the last few years but I am always ready to spring upon a Champagne and Dessert Spot!! OOO LA LA! I may not be the ultimate Francophile but I have to hand it to them, these beret loving, creme brulee making, people may just have something with this champagne thing.

Let me start off the review with a detective's observation and question, the restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays? What do they do with all the champagne they opened on Sunday, waste it? Maybe a touch, but I got permission to let you know an inside secret, Sunday Nights are the best night to go, we had a five flight sparkling and champagne selection for ($16). Good Gosh Ozzie and Harriet that's cheap, am I time traveling here?

Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar has placed the wonder of a child in me again. The creativity of the desserts and the presentation had me humming that mischievous tune of 'days gone by'...."Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, Who me? It couldn't be!" Hahaha Now I have only been there a couple of times, but I have visions for this place. I think this place is ready to uncork some good times for everyone. It is a Sure-fire WINNER for anyone of the male species to bring a female!! She will think you are the MOST! It's the absolute BEST PLACE FOR A GIRLS NITE OUT! HANDS DOWN! It is ALL THINGS GIRLY! Plan a date, plan a birthday, take an out of town visitor, or just hang with your Sister!!