Monday, July 4, 2011


My feet were de-virginized at SUNSET FOOT SPA. Thanks to my sister, the Queen of all things

Feet happy = me happy.

I'm not really a massage kind of person, but my feet are constantly tired and sore. For all you foot spa virgins: Here's how the de-virginization went down...

We pull up to the joint. It's a small place with rows of leather chairs with white sheets on them. We sit, roll up our pants legs, tuck our shoes and socks away, and wait for the *magic* to begin.

The standard drill is that for the first half hour, you sit in on an ottoman facing one of those comfy recliner chairs with your feet in a bucket of hot water (sometimes herbal or salted, bucket usually lined with a plastic protective wrap) while you get pummeled shiatsu style all over your upper body, arms and neck (clothes remain on). Then, you turn around and lay back in the chair (which often reclines flat, and where you are usually covered up in a cozy blankie), and are treated to another few minutes of neck/head/arm shiatsu. Then, it's on to the foot reflexology with lotion and hot towels. MMMmmmmmm. This is when I fall asleep, BayBuh!! Smooth movements + pressure on the right spots = tension released.

The experience crescendos with a short leg massage, which was fantastic!

60 minutes later - we all open our eyes, stare at each other with a sheepish grin, and giggle like children. My feet felt like air, like pillows and clouds! ALL FOR a meeaaasely $25!!! No Lie!

Next time I'm going to bring my ipod with a special foot massage playlist!

************* ADVICE TO NEWBIES*************************************
For those who've never been to this world, here's the deal: Depending on the establishment, you'll pay between $20-25 for an hour of heaven and these places are generally open 7-days a week, often until 11 p.m.

Also important: tip (in cash, ideally) your therapist a minimum of $8 - even if you hate them. If they're just "OK", they merit at least $10. And if you love them, $15+. Remember that they work VERY HARD for VERY LITTLE.

PRESSURE: this may be payback for centuries of colonial oppression in south east asia, but the pressure can be downright cruel at times. Don't be afraid to make yelpy sounds with hand signals for "softer, softer!" since language barriers exist - unless your (mandarin/cantonese/insert regional dialect) is decent.

Clothing: it helps to wear long sleeves since the arm work can get a bit pinchy, and also shorts or pants that roll up easily so as to get a better lower leg rub. Think "loose comfy" wear.

Sunset Foot Spa (at 2 locations)
1st Choice: 
7125 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(323) 649-8888

5419 W Sunset Blvd Ste 3
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Neighborhood: Hollywood
(323) 898-4220

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